RexMega's Staff Application

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RexMega's Staff Application

Post by rex_mega » Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:53 am

1.MC Username; rex_mega
2:Age 17
3:Country: Jordan
4: What language(s) do you speak? Arabic, English and I am currently studying German
5: How long have you been playing on Bedcraft? For about a year and a half only on the Ultimate server
6: Have you have been muted/jailed/banned on Bedcraft? I do remember getting jailed once back then still don't know why.
7: Have you ever been banned on a server? If so, why? No, I haven't I mostly sticked to single play
8: Do you have any other skills? (photoshop, coding,...) A little knowledge of both actually
9: Do you prefer building structures or complicated machine setups? Probably a crazy machine setup
10: What are your favorite mods ? Tinker's Construct, Thermal Expansion and Thaumcraft
11: Which things are you good at in game? Usually Redstone and Power converting but Mostly Machinery
12: Which things are you bad at in game? Building
13: Why do you want to become staff? Because this is the first Minecraft server I have ever joined
14: What would you change about Bedcraft? I would probably focus on Cammands.
15: What's your favorite part about Bedcraft? nostalgia

16: Can you handle instructions well? I'm capable, Yes
17: What would you do if you were an admin and people started talking in a different language in public chat? I would tell them to only speak English in public chat and warn them twice and if they did it its probably jail or whatever the server rule is.

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